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You can’t afford to wait any longer.

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, service professional who wants to invest in your own transformational BREAKTHROUGH, this 8 week online course is for you.





Imagine what it would feel like to wake up everyday feeling truly alive, grateful and curious about what’s ahead? To leave your fears and worries behind so you can chase your dreams and express your creative spirit with confidence, ease, and clarity?
We long to feel whole, loved, and connected to something bigger than ourselves but the sad truth is that we live in a culture that doesn’t support wholeness. In fact, I sincerely believe that we humans have disconnected from who we are in our essence. So many of us struggle with chronic stress, anxiety, worry, endless overthinking, unhealthy relationships, and emotions that either won’t come out at all, or explode uncontrollably out of us. Maybe you also desperately want to change the way you experience life, but you don’t know how. We’ve come to identify ourselves mostly by our thinking, and this has caused us to disconnect from our other elements – mainly the non-verbal communication of our brilliant bodies.

This not only causes us to have less fulfilling lives, it also causes us a great deal of suffering.

What is your tendency or habit when your emotions or feelings are too painful or uncomfortable to bear? When your “rational mind” tells you that the issue doesn’t even exist? Is it:
  • excessive working?
  • overindulging in alcohol or another substance?
  • eating a big bag of cookies or other comfort food?
  • excessive physical workout?
  • excessive TV, social media, or video games?
  • complete avoidance of people or situations in your life?
  • shopping for the next shiny car or designer clothes?
One of the reasons you are perhaps still struggling is because you’re chasing happiness instead of wholeness. Where happiness is just one emotion amongst the myriad of emotions we allow ourselves to feel on any given day, wholeness is a state of being that can be with us forever.
Wholeness is like a beautiful dance of all the elements inside you: your emotions, your intellect, your spirit, and your physical body. Just like the elements of fire, earth, air, and water – our internal elements need to be working in equilibrium for us to thrive and feel balanced:

My Wholeness Revolution will encourage you to dive in deep and explore your 4 inner elements so you can change the way you experience your life. This transformational 8-week online program is available to you now if you are committed to healing and thriving instead of just trying to stay afloat.

This program is based on my life long search for discovering how to break open and free, instead of breaking down. It is also based on my professional experience in coaching, mentoring, and studying Eastern spiritual and healing practices, neuro-linguistic programming, somatic awareness, neuroplasticity, guided imagery and visualization, and nervous system health. Click here to jump down to my professional biography.
Whether you feel lost and disconnected, suffering with stress and anxiety, or you have already achieved “success” but still feel weighed down by your fears and worries, you will receive perception altering information and actionable tools – walking away with a new awareness of how you can become who you truly are when you no longer allow anxiety, stress, fear, and endless thinking to wear you down.
  • better understand what makes you whole, and become clearer on how you can align with your integrity and truth (instead of your fear).
  • discover that there is so much more to your wisdom than your intellect.
  • feel truly alive, and not like you’re just “existing.”
  • address day-to-day stress and anxiety with much more ease, confidence and awareness.
  • feel a deeper connection with not just yourself but with the world around you.
  • discover what really lights you up – especially if you’re still searching for your life’s passion.
  • find yourself thinking with more clarity, creativity, and innovation.
  • have the tools you need to harness better relationships in your life.
  • gain a deeper appreciation for your nervous system, and a deeper understanding of the biology of stress and fear.
  • unlock the intelligence of your emotions and how they can make you a better decision maker, leader, and partner.

So – are you ready to start building the foundation of your enterprise of well-being”? Are you ready to explore your inner elements with the curiosity, compassion, and courage you need to start your own personal wholeness revolution?



Every week for 8 weeks a new module will be released in our private membership website with videos, worksheets, MP3 practices, and transcripts. I designed this program to fit into your busy schedule; all the videos are short, and the home practices can be done throughout the day, whenever you can spare 5 – 10 minutes.


Create the foundation for your personal revolution. Sadly, logical and linguistic intelligence are glorified in our culture and we have come to identify ourselves mostly by our thinking. But there is so much more to wisdom than your intellect. By honouring all the elements inside of you – emotions and creative expression, your physical body, your dreams and spirit, as well as your mind/intellect – you’ll be a big stop closer to wholeness.
In this module you’ll discover:
  • how to stop overthinking and live with more awareness
  • what happens when we don’t honour all of our elements
  • why so many of us seem to live “a few feet away from our bodies” and how to fix this
  • how the elements of air, fire, water, and earth coincide with our internal elements (and how they hold the secret to living with integrity and truth!)
  • how you can implement the very basics of revolutionary awakening right away
In addition to the videos in this module you’ll get:
  • [MP3 Practice] Visualizing the elements in your body
  • [MP3 Practice] Basic awareness #1
  • [MP3 Practice] Breath of elements
  • [PDF Worksheet] Self-reflection exercise


As much as we like to think of ourselves as supreme beings ruling the earth, the bottom line is that we are human animals. We are biologically designed to withstand adversity and deal with challenges and threats, but unlike animals in the wild we tend to have a very toxic relationship with stress – a word that has become a staple in our everyday vocabulary.
In this module you’ll discover:
  • the science behind your fearful thoughts and overthinking, and what you can start doing right away to calm your nervous system and prevent any future stress-related illness.
  • the very basic structure of the brain, and why we need the more “primitive” parts of our brain to stay calm, sane, and safe.
  • how to deal with every day challenging events without worrying yourself sick, repetitive thinking, and physical discomfort/tension in your body.
  • how to quiet thoughts that tell us we will fail and that we aren’t good enough.
In addition to the videos in this module you’ll get:
  • [MP3 Practice] Your brain as a garden
  • [MP3 Practice] Basic awareness #1
  • [MP3 Practice] Prey and predator – feeling your instincts and body energies
  • [PDF Worksheet] Self-reflection exercise


In life we need both healthy aggression, and the release of tension in order to maintain equilibrium and a healthy nervous system. Unfortunately many of us were brought up in environments where we were told not to cry, and not to get angry or sad, which results in sometimes HUGE amounts of survival energy getting trapped in our system.
In this module you’ll discover:
  • how connecting to your body is one of the most profound ways to release physical tension and excess blocked energy
  • why we need to feel all our feelings, connect to all of our emotions, and accept uncomfortable sensations with open arms
  • what we should do after we experience a traumatic incident or a highly stressful event
  • why our fight/flight/freeze response is working in overdrive
In addition to the videos in this module you’ll get:
  • [MP3 Practice] Basic awareness #2
  • [MP3 Practice] Befriending your vagus nerve
  • [PDF Worksheet] Self-reflection exercise


Many of us turn to some form of dissociative practice when we feel emotional overwhelm, but in order for our vitality, well-being, and creativity to soar we need to feel alive inside, not numb. The most common dissociative coping skills are – watching several episodes of your favourite TV show, eating too many cookies, drinking too many beers, and excessive video gaming.
In this module you’ll discover:
  • the importance of trusting the wisdom of your body so you can stop dissociating and start feeling comfortable inside your own skin
  • how to appreciate and understand physical sensations as the only language our reptilian brain speaks
  • why leaving our body and entering the world of daydreaming and distractions could lead to serious health problems down the road.
  • the healthy way to channel overwhelming emotions, powerful energies, and survival instincts
In addition to the videos in this module you’ll get:
  • [Home Practice] Shower exercise
  • [MP3 Practice] Stepping into the tree
  • [MP3] Jellyfish practice 
  • [PDF Worksheet] Self-reflection exercise


Understanding and respecting ALL of our emotions, as well as understanding the emotions of other people is absolutely essential for whole living. Without our ability to relate to emotional energy, life is like an empty riverbank. If you struggle with emotions like anger or sadness, or with emotions exploding out of you uncontrollably, or stifling emotions – this module is for you.
In this module you’ll discover:
  • ways to embrace all of your emotions (even anger, sadness, and frustration) with open arms so you can live with more integrity and confidence.
  • why emotions are just as valuable to our psyche as the body, mind, or spirit, and what happens when we ignore them, or even ridicule them.
  • what it means to be emotionally intelligent, and how to get unstuck from destructive patterns that get in our way.
In addition to the videos in this module you’ll get:
  • [MP3 Practice] Liquifying imagery
  • [MP3 Practice] Painting with emotions
  • [MP3] Waterfall cleanse 
  • [PDF Worksheet] Self-reflection exercise


Are you often so stuck inside your thinking that you believe you are the thinker? We can achieve an incredible amount of freedom when we learn how to observe our thoughts instead of identifying with them. Our thoughts and beliefs have an enormous power on our state of well-being, our inner world, our emotional state, and our relationship to others.
In this module you’ll discover:
  • the danger of putting our intellect on a pedestal above our emotions, our physical body, and our spirit.
  • how to stop worrying so much about the “what ifs” of the future so you can relax and enjoy being in the present moment.
  • why we are so easily tormented by our thoughts, and how to become aware of the limiting beliefs that hold us back from pursuing our dreams.
  • how to become the observer of your mind so you can take control of your beliefs and behaviour.
In addition to the videos in this module you’ll get:
  • [MP3 Practice] Befriending the mind
  • [MP3] Observing a thought
  • [PDF Worksheet] Self-reflection exercise


Our fiery spirit is our fuel; it’s the energy inside of us that creates a relationship with the unseen, the mysterious, the harmony of the universe. It’s our wonder at the workings of nature and life’s mysteries, and it’s what gives our life profound meaning. Do you know what lights you up? What drives you? Or are you still searching for your deep inner calling?
In this module you’ll discover:
  • how tapping into our spiritual essence creates a bridge that connects us to the pure energy of our essence, love, and how important it is to live a meaningful life with passion and purpose.
  • why the spiritual experience is essential to our wellbeing, even if we don’t believe in it or understand it.
  • a way to experience that which is unseen, mysterious, and beautiful so we can open ourselves up to gratitude, compassion, and self-actualization.
In addition to the videos in this module you’ll get:
  • [MP3 Practice] Gratitude 
  • [PDF Worksheet] Your Spiritual Nature 
  • Bonus [MP3 Practice] Tapping into the Element of Spirit


Now it’s time to bring all the elements together and connect with our Peaceful Self. When we view the world through the lens of love instead of the lens of fear – everything changes. Ready to tap into this vast energy of your being and unlock your life’s infinite possibilities?
In this module you’ll discover:
  • a better way to make decisions that involves connecting to each one of your elements, instead of rushing to the first logical conclusion
  • the power of trusting your gut, your emotions, and that fire inside of you so you can confidently move forward in life with integrity
  • how to recollect the fragmented pieces of yourself, set the foundation for your wholeness, and live with more compassion
In addition to the videos in this module you’ll get:
  • [MP3 Practice] Bringing it altogether 
  • [PDF Worksheet] Self-reflection exercise


Creative Expression Contest

Unleash your brilliant creativity – even if you don’t know it’s there. Pssst … winners will receive a prize!

Daily Self-Reflection Worksheets

For two and half minutes every day I’ll encourage you to strengthen your observer mind and connect to your inner wisdom. (Comes with an audio soundtrack to help deepen your reflection).

Your Wholeness Recipes

Let’s not forget the power of food on our journey to wholeness! You’ll get four recipes specifically for your digestive system, and one for your skin.

18-Minute Audio Journey

This audio exercise will allow you to tap into the element of your spirit, and experience a guided journey inside your own universe.


 This 8-week online course is for you if you’re ready to make an unwavering decision to not only identify the unrest inside of you, but to commit to your transformation and your journey to build the most important enterprise of your life – the enterprise of your well-being. I believe that investing into this enterprise, offers you the greatest freedom to do remarkable things for yourself and others. Just like a political revolution where the inefficiency of the government is no longer tolerated, you know deep inside that you will no longer tolerate the inefficiency within you. Your inner “fever” is rising and energy is culminating. There is unrest. And there is a vision of what’s on the other side of your struggle: freedom!
  • want to unleash the creative and innovative ideas inside of you (especially if you are a business owner or entrepreneur) – even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body!
  • want to be a strong leader, partner, parent, and a more compassionate human being.
  • dream of finally feeling at peace in your own skin and shaking off anxiety, physical tension, and chronic stress once and for all.
  • determined to heal your physical, mental, or emotional pain, and transform your life.
  • are seeking a deeper meaning in your life.
  • are sick of looking at the world through the lens of fear, and want to know what it feels like to truly love yourself and live with integrity.
  • want to find the courage within yourself to pursue your passion and follow your dreams.
  • identify and overcome fearful thought patterns that leave you stuck in the painful memories of the past and/or the “what ifs” of the future.
  • often stifle your resentment or frustration, and then carry the energy inside of you for days or perhaps even longer.
“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”
- Marianne Williamson
“Whether you think you can, or whether you think you cannot,
you are right.”
- Henry Ford
“Once you have flown, you will walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward;
for there you have been, there you long to return.”
- Leonardo Da Vinci
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly.”
- English Proverb
“Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.”
- Albert Einstein


When you are ready to start building the foundation of your enterprise of well-being
Most videos are less than 12 minutes. I suggest reserving 15 minutes of your time three times a week. Home practices  can take 5 – 10 minutes whenever you can create space for yourself during the day.
This e-course doesn’t focus on one or two aspects of our well-being (i.e. diet or sport or how to get rid of anxiety or on “manifesting” in life). This course sets a foundation for wholeness and well-being by addressing every element of our psyche. I believe that when we step into the integrity of our being, every aspect of our life changes.
You will receive the first module as soon as you purchase the e-course. Each subsequent module will be released one week later. This will allow you to absorb the material and information into your daily life.
14 days from the purchase of the course (i.e. – two modules). In order to maintain integrity of all the offers, we do not offer extensions.


Edita Atteck is a transformational coach, mentor and speaker living in Burlington, Ontario. She is the creator of the My Wholeness Revolution Project.
Since her teen years, after surviving a horrific accident, Edita has always been interested in the natural healing processes of the body/mind. Although gaining two academic degrees (law and political science), she knew she had a different purpose in life. She decided to follow her true passion. Her extensive practice is influenced by Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Norman Doidge, Martha Beck,  among others, and she is always seeking out new powerful methods of healing and transformation.
While working with successful people, Edita noticed that quite often they forgot to build the foundation for their well-being. Realizing she could help people become healthier and live more vibrant lives, she developed the My Wholeness Revolution Project.


Edita has done a stunning job with her My Wholeness Revolution e-course. While meditation has been a cornerstone of my life for over a decade, I unlocked so many treasures from the program that I utilize in my roles as a speaker, entrepreneur and mom of a toddler.

From learning the value of a resilient nervous system, to mindfulness practices for better harnessing my creativity, this unique program is perfect for ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs who want to deepen their contemplative practice, amplify their energy and silence the chatter in their heads.

I also appreciate that the membership site is easy to navigate, the videos and audios are beautifully recorded and the worksheets are a great compliment to the other experiential and sensory exercises.

Alexia Vernon, Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer & Media Personality | Las Vegas, Nevada.
I am a driven entrepreneur who wants to accomplish a lot in life. Needless to say, my life style is often hectic.

Applying the concepts introduced in Edita’s My Wholeness Revolution e-course, her workshops, and our private coaching sessions truly impacted my personal and professional life.

The short videos and audio recordings make it very doable for me to incorporate sensory, awareness and visualization practices in my daily life, and find balance and clarity.

The e-course is a great reminder of who I become when I am not lost inside my racing thoughts and intense feelings, and how I can achieve a focused mind and improve my relationships; with myself and others.

Efren Castillo, Founder of ChangePoint Internet Marketing, Milton, Ontario
I am a freedom seeker. I seek freedom from playing the same old tapes over and over again in my mind.

Edita’s My Wholeness Revolution e-course was exactly what I needed to find my freedom, and focus on the here and now. Edita approaches each module in her program with her whole self, and in turn helps me understand the “why” of my emotional self. She has such a calm and unique delivery in each step.

Some of my favourite areas are the guided practices that take me to places I would never have thought of going for self-awareness and peace of mind. I love that I can reuse the copious audio practices whenever I have an area of need for myself. The closing visualization/sensory experience had an incredible impact on my sense of freedom and wholeness.

Andi Rodgers, Freedom Seeker | Kennisis Lake, Haliburton, Ontario
I found Edita’s My Wholeness Revolution e-course to be a valuable resource as I pursue the challenge of my personal transformation and wholeness journey.

The course offers support in not only understanding stress and anxiety from an intellectual point of view, but it provides steps to actually change the way I experience life. Numerous, easy to follow, and short sensory practices supported by relevant information presented in videos have provided the framework for my journey.

With the help of the e-course and Edita’s guidance through private sessions, I now have hope and confidence that this process will change my life.

Andrea Shelenko, Stoney Creek, Ontario
I am forever grateful to have met Edita & learn so many useful tools to guide me through my daily life; whether it be personal or business.

Prior to seeking her guidance I simply reacted to the obstacles & lessons life threw my way; never paying any attention to my emotions & often bottling them deep inside. She has enabled me to look at things from a different perspective; and also to pay attention to my emotions & when my body is sending me messages.

I’ve learned techniques to stay in the present; rather than getting stressed about what “may be” ahead or stuck in what “was behind”. I have gone from a place of “trying to stay afloat” to learning ways to be in the moment & better time manage a very hectic work & family schedule.

Now I try to take a day at a time and realize that my brain & nervous system has been wired a certain way for a very long time and to just be easy on myself when I naturally want to slip back into old thinking patterns. I really find Edita’s workshops, online courses & guided meditations help keep me on track & continue to guide me during my journey to being a better me.

Andrea Seventikidis, Century 21 Future Realty Inc., Milton, Ontario


This program is here to help you live a more fulfilling, empowered and creative life.
That’s why I’m inviting you to try out the first two modules (2 weeks) risk-free; 14 days from the date of purchase. If you fully participate, consume the content, do all the home practices, and still feel like you’re not getting the value you hoped for, I’ll happily give you a 100% refund.



$29700 + tax - one time payment in full
  • 8 x Modules
  • Video Lessons & Audio Exercises
  • Daily Self-Reflection Worksheets
  • Wholeness Recipes

$12000 + tax for 3 months
  • 8 x Modules
  • Video Lessons & Audio Exercises
  • Daily Self-Reflection Worksheets
  • Wholeness Recipes

To support wholeness on a larger scale, I will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from each sale to the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation to help support revolutionizing our healthcare.